How I work

I do one-to-one coaching sessions, in person and online. There is no goal-setting, five-steps-to-effective-leadership or anything else you can read off the shelf in an airport bookshop. It is a personalised process, not a programme.

I encourage my clients to look beneath the surface to see the hidden undercurrents in any situation. However, there is no protracted introspection or retrospection. The aim of my time with you is to help you in the here and now, to think, plan and act in your own best interests.

I work with clients on a wide range of work-related issues, too varied to categorise easily, but I hope the examples below will give you a flavour:

  • Strategic partnership – acting as a thinking partner to people who want a critical mind and confidential ally who is outside the politics of their organisation or the circle of family and friends.
  • Relationships – understanding team dynamics and hidden (unconscious) group processes; dealing with tricky feelings around authority, competition, or ‘not fitting in’; recognising your modus operandi with others and raising awareness of behaviours which may be holding you back.
  • Inner resources – recognising and overcoming self-limiting beliefs; building confidence and establishing your authority; managing anxiety/fear of visibility/imposter syndrome; overcoming your inner critic
  • Values – loss of motivation or meaning in your work; working through ethical or moral dilemmas in relation to your work or your clients’ businesses; navigating politicised workplaces with inegrity

I meet clients in person, in central London, for a first session and thereafter either in London or online.

 “I greatly appreciated your thoughtful interpretations and helpful promptings, which have been instrumental in me returning to more enthusiastic form! You may be interested to know that the Board meeting could not have gone any better with all my recommendations accepted.  A rare circumstance but I had a queue of people coming to congratulate me on the analysis and presentations I had done. You must take much of the credit for this – thank you.”   Marketing Director